Top 10 Sugary Breakfast Cereals to Avoid

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

If you think a bowl of cereal in the morning is the best way to start off your day, think again.

Considering the amount of sugar present in popular brands don’t be too surprised when your energy levels come down crashing.

Here are some of the least healthful breakfast cereals that you should stop eating.

Not only are these brands way too high in sugar content but they are also very low in fiber.

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#10 – Froot Loops are 48% Sugar, 7% Fiber and Contain Food Dyes.


#9 – Reese’s Puffs are 41% Sugar, 3% Fiber and Contain Food Dyes.


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#8 – Corn Pops are 41% Sugar and no Fiber at All.

#7 – Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles are 37% Sugar, 10% Fiber and Contain Food Dyes.


#6 – Frosted Flakes are 37% Sugar and 3% Fiber.


#5 – Trix are 38% Sugar, 3% Fiber and Contain Food Dyes.


#4 – Cocoa Puffs are 44% Sugar and 4% Fiber.


#3 – Lucky Charms are 41% Sugar, 4% Fiber and Contain Food Dyes.


#2 – Honey Nut Cheerios are 32% Sugar and 7% Fiber.


#1 – Cinnamon Toast Crunch are 33% Sugar and 3% Fiber.