Top 10 Natural Ways to Keep Your Brain Fit

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

keep brain fit

4. Play Word Games

keep brain healthy

Word games engage parts of your brain you may not realize: memory, creativity, cognition, and language skills. Whether alone or with a group, challenge yourself (and your friends) to stay sharp. It can have long-term effects to stave off disease.

5. Concentrate on One Thing at a Time


Contrary to what modern employers think, your brain cannot literally multitask. Your focus is either on one thing or another with the rest pushed to the periphery. Multitasking can actually reduce productivity by up to 40 percent. To be productive and get the most from your brain, do one thing at a time and give it all of your attention. Once completed to your satisfaction, you can move to the next thing. You can accomplish much more with good quality rather than doing things half-baked but satisfactory.

6. Speak Another Language


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Learning a new language exercises almost every part of your brain. Beside impressing your friends, it can open doors to you in the form of learning about other cultures’ history and traditions. You can take a class at a community college or online or get a package at your library. It’s fascinating to see how English connects with other languages and is worth exploring for the interest factor. (At least) one new thing every day is good for your brain.

7. Be Creative at Night

how to keep your brain healthy

Your brain can be more creative when you’re tired. Logic and social mores take a back seat as your mind wanders. Use it to your advantage and do something creative before going to bed. It’s a nice transition from the daily routine to probe the more emotional aspects of yourself; paint, write, play music—whatever you enjoy.

8. Eat Smart

how to keep a healthy brain

Nutrition is vital to your brain’s health. If you don’t think you’re getting enough or the right combination of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet, a multivitamin supplement may help. If you do decide to take a supplement, whole-food, organic ones are best. Synthetic vitamins, like any other human-made product, don’t metabolize properly in your body.

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9. Write Things Down With a Pen

how to keep the brain healthy

Journaling was common until the advent of the personal computer. There is a big difference between typing something on a keyboard and writing with pencil and paper: the physical act of writing with your hand engages the right brain (the creative half) and allows expression of thoughts that your left brain (the analytical half) may not consider From a shopping list to your life’s story, writing therefore creates balance in your brain that is essential to brain and mental health.

10. Be Optimistic

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Positive thoughts are critical to a healthy brain and body. It’s just as easy to be optimistic as pessimistic, so why not choose the path that feels better?  In a very real way, your attitude affects every aspect of your life. There have been countless studies on the effect our thoughts have on our health and they all conclude that a positive, constructive mindset can only help you. Find ways to see the good in everything you experience and you’ll be rewarded.

We as a species are continually learning about our bodies and how they work; there are as many questions as answers. Feed your brain, exercise it, allow it to grow and you will derive more from your everyday life.

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