This 104-Year-Old Woman Is Using Yarn To Protest And The Whole Town Is Loving It!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

yarn bombing

Graffiti has taken on a new form and a new generation. With a little creativity and a bit of sass, the elderly are painting the town red – with red yarn that is!

Yarn bombing has started to rise as a new form of respectful vandalism and protest. It’s come forward as a fun and surprising way to make a statement and get a few giggles in the process. Best of all, it can be cut away safely, which is a lot easier to manage than difficult graffiti removal.

104 year old yarn bomber is World's oldest street artist

Recently titled “The word’s oldest street artist”, Grace Brett is the oldest member of her knitting group, the Souter Stormers. The group decided to start a protest after a local art festival was denied funding. Ever since, their town has been treated with delightfully whimsical displays of yarn art.


Brett’s fellow knitters say that they are pleased to be collaborating with “Britain’s oldest guerrilla knitter”. Yet, the centenarian finds the whole thing quite amusing. “She thinks it is funny to be called a street artist,” say Daphne, Brett’s daughter.

So far, the Souter Stormers have decorated more than 46 landmarks in the towns of Selkirk, Ettrickbridge and Yarrow. Local businesses have even been pleased to fall victim to their needles: “…the response has been tremendous, creating grins and gasps all round, and bringing the community of Selkirk together in their surprise and admiration for the works.” Says the owner of Penelope Textile Limited.

For Brett, yarn-bombing is just another way to bring a little dose of unexpected happiness to her community: “I liked seeing my work showing with everyone else and thought the town looked lovely”.