The Truth About Multivitamins Vs. Food-Based Vitamins

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Many of us take a multivitamin every day under the assumption that those extra vitamins will help make up for nutritional deficits and boost bodily function for optimal health. What you may not realize, however, is that most multivitamins don’t contain real vitamins. No, what most vitamins on the market offer are rocks and chemicals and no real health benefits. It’s time to ditch your regular multivitamin for something better.

The Multivitamin Scam

Most multivitamins sold in stores are made in the same way. Labs isolate the vitamins through chemical processes and then lump them together into a pill. So instead of vitamin C you get ascorbic acid, or niacin instead of B3. These synthetic chemicals don’t offer real health benefits and can actually be more harmful than a minor vitamin deficiency.

The minerals in your multivitamin aren’t doing you any favors either. No, instead of minerals, all you get with a typical multivitamin are ground up rocks. When your multivitamin says it contains iron, it means that quite literally – that vitamin is offering you some ground up metal. Your body can’t do anything with these lumps of calcium carbonate or magnesium oxide, and so most of it will pass right through your body.