The Simple Key to Avoid Overeating

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Many people who have struggled with losing or maintaining their weight all agree that overeating is the downfall of any diet.

A great number of people have experienced the frustration of watching what they eat only to find that they are still overeating and struggling to lose weight.

However, new research indicates that this problem can be easily overcome with a simple technique.


Use Smaller Plates and Spoons

According to the research conducted by Cornell University’s Brian Wansink and Eastern Illinois University’s James Painter, the use of smaller plates and spoons could be the simple key to avoid overeating and weight gain.

The researchers intended to investigate the “human perceptual tendency” to objectively judge portion sizes. The research team invited a group of eighty five experts on nutrition to what they beleived was an ice cream social.

This was thought that given the field of expertise among the study participants, these people would be “most accurate” when “estimating ounces and calories”.

The participants were documented to serve themselves far more increased servings of up to thirty one percent when they were using a thirty four ounce bowl rather than one half the size.

Additionally, the increased servings were also present when using a three ounce spoon rather than a two ounce one, with serving sizes increasing by fourteen percent.

When the partipants had a combination of a larger bowl and larger spoon, they served up a portion which was 56.8 percent larger.


Not the Only Factor…

However, the research team were keen to point out that while this strategy can have a dramatic effect on overeating, since most people eat an estimated 92 percent of the food they have served themselves, if people still feel hungry after eating, it is likely they will opt for more food.

This creates an interesting proposition for those who are interested in controlling their weight or those in the hospitality industry. Using smaller items of flatware and china could have a dramatic effect on self serve portion sizes.

So, if you are concerned about overeating, it may be time to change your flatware and cutlery to change your perceptions and your portion sizes.