The Quick At Home Cardio Workout

by DailyHealthPost

home quick workout

Think you need to cough up half your savings for an expensive gym membership, just to get a really solid workout in? Think again!

With just the weight of your own body, you can complete a circuit workout that will both strengthen your muscles and really get your heart rate going.

This fat-busting bodyweight workout is sure to be a challenge, so check it out and get burning!

Some Basic Guidelines

In lieu of going to the gym, complete this circuit about four times per week. Each exercise should be done back to back, with each set coming right after the other. After you’ve done all six exercises, take a minute-long break, and head back to the beginning. In total, you should work your way through the whole circuit three times.

Exercise #1: 12 x Squat Thrust Push Up Plank

Get into a squat position and  thrust your legs to finish in a pushup position, hold for a second, and then lower yourself until you end up in a plank position. Hold for a second again. Then return to squatting position. Repeat 12 times to complete the set.

Exercise #2: 10 x Carioca Drill

With your feet about shoulder width apart, quickly cross your left foot in front of your right, then twist your hips and kick your right foot up behind you. Do the same with your right foot crossed over your left. Repeat ten times. This should be at a brisk speed, much like running in place.


Exercise #3: 20 x Figure Eight Lunges

This variation on the lunge involves more twisting to tone the abs. As you sink into a lunge on one knee, hold out your arms and twist them down to the side of your front leg. As you step back into your starting position, pull your arms diagonally back across your body and raise them above your head. When you switch feet, switch the direction of your arms, making a figure eight pattern.

Exercise #4: 20 x Jack In and Out

Jumping jacks just got harder. Imagine your traditional jumping jack, but when your arms and legs are splayed out, you’re in a squatting position with a wide stance. Jumping out of the squat and clapping your hands over your head finishes the move.

Exercise #5: 10 x Cross-Body Climbers

This one is simple if you know how to do a mountain climber. From plank position, simply pull each knee up to your chest, one by one, kind of like you’re running in place horizontally. This exercise ramps up the movement because instead of keeping your feet placed evenly in the middle of your body while they’re extended, you’ll actually swing them out about 45 degrees to the side on each side, targeting the obliques.

Try this no-equipment cardio workout and let us know how it goes!

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