He Puts a Tea Bag Inside His Car For One GENIUS Reason Not Many People Know!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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tea bag air freshener

Do you love tea?

If you’ve got tons of tea bags sitting in your kitchen cabinet then you’re in for a surprise!


Tea isn’t just refreshing and healthy but it can also be used in your car.

That’s right, those tea bags of yours do more than just supply you with an abundance of antioxidants.

The One Pot Chef Show, shows how you can use tea bags in a whole new way. Just take a few dry tea bags and place them in your car. The bags will not only freshen up your car with its lovely scent but it will also help absorb moisture, which prevents bacteria responsible for bad smells from growing.

And you don’t have to use the expensive organic ones for this. The cheap ones are just as effective and a lot safer for you and your family than regular car fresheners.

Plus, these natural car deodorizers will last you for months at a time. This method is a lot less expensive than always having to replace those tree-looking fresheners.

The best part is that you now have plenty of scents to choose from. You can go for honey lemon to cinnamon or apple and so much more!

Quick Tips: Car Deodorising Hack | One Pot Chef