Study: Drinking Coffee Might Lower Risk of Liver Cancer

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

coffee liver cancer

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common type of liver cancer to you and me, could have its chances of developing reduced by forty percent when three cups of coffee a day are drunk according to the latest research study conducted by Dr. Carlo La Vecchia.

Dr. Carlo La Vecchia, according to the Daily Mail is reported to have said:

“Our research confirms past claims that coffee is good for your health, and particularly the liver.”


Whilst adding,

“The favorable effect of coffee on liver cancer might be mediated by coffee’s proven prevention of diabetes, a known risk factor for the disease, or for its beneficial effects on cirrhosis and liver enzymes”

The results are becoming more and more consistent as another study recently demonstrated similar results where the reductions in developing HCC were halved by fifty percent. After knowing this it may be hard to keep condemning coffee as bad for your health.

Especially, when Dr. Vecchia’s conclusions were based on a large study of people, 3,153 to be specific. From the years 1996 for 16 years and taken from 16 high-quality studies.

Although all of this may be seen as a new step forward in potential cancer treatments, and a more natural approach at that which many patients often seek, Dr. La Vecchia still seems to remain skeptical as to how coffee could be used to treat cancer cases compared to what is on offer currently.

This may be the case according to La Vecchia, but the Gerson Institute in San Diego, CA has been administering organic coffee in the form of coffee enemas to cancer patients for many years, believing that they feel they contribute to the success of their drug free cancer treatment.


Their belief is that cancer patient’s bowels are full of toxins and so are their livers, all of which contributes to cancer growing in the first place. So, to give them a helping hand as their bodies are already weakened, they administer coffee enemas daily due to coffee supposedly being able to push toxic bile from the liver, into the bowels and then out of the body once the enema is released.

Even though in spite of all this potentially positive news surrounding coffee, it’s important to remember:

“One man’s food, is another man’s poison”

We are all unique individuals, so what suits one person may not suit another – especially when on the other side of the coin; another study down the road suggests drinking four cups of coffee a day is linked to causing premature death.