15 Ways to Fill Your Home With Positive Energy And High Vibrations

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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A good time to smudge an area is when you move into a new home, when you begin a new job or career, after a guest leaves your home, before you meditate or after there has been an argument or someone has been sick (11). You can buy pre-made dried herbs in a smudging stick or you can dry your own. Place them in an aluminum bowl and light the herbs. Blow the flame out gently as you would when you are creating cinders for a fire. As the cinders burn they will release a smoke that will cleanse the air. Carefully walk from room to room, letting the smoke waft through your space. When you are finished, make sure the cinders have died out. This will help attract positive energy into your space.

2. Essential Oil Diffusers

Much like smudging, the heated oils release their cleansing properties into the air, clearing the space of negative energy, including any viruses and bacteria. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to raise your vibrational frequency.

Oils that are known to help include (13):

  • Peppermint—An effective astringent that can clear tension and negative energies. Also a great oil for relieving headaches.
  • Frankincense—A Biblical oil known for purification of any negative influences.
  • Myrrh—Another ancient oil good for purifying your environment. When combined with other oils, myrrh can increase their potency.
  • Rose–One of the highest vibrational frequency oils.
  • Cypress—Great for purifying and raising your vibration while grounding and protecting you and your home.
  • Cedarwood—A wonderful oil to counter excessive negative energies.
  • Basil—A sacred oil known worldwide for its protective properties.
  • Juniper—Cleanses negative energies that can affect your health while transforming any negative emotions into positive ones.
  • Lavender—Good for removing stubborn energies and for neutralize negative frequencies. A well-known calming agent.
  • Sage—A popular oil for neutralizing existing negativity energy.
  • Palo Santo—A potent oil that helps clear your home of negative energy while bringing good luck!

3. Clear the Clutter

Clutter not only fills your home but it can fill your mind and your energy field. The act of removing unnecessary items will help remove any negative energy attached to these items as well as clear the overall energy of your home. There’s no better way to give your home more positive energy!

Decluttering can cleanse your home and your physical body. Start by getting rid of anything you haven’t used in the past six months. Go through your wardrobe and just ditch anything you don’t wear anymore. Resist the urge to tell yourself that you “might” wear it again. Releasing the bond to these items can be extremely freeing and can also release the cluttered energy attached to it. When clearing out the clutter it is important not to stress over it—stressing causes more negative energy! Just do a little once a week or what best fits your schedule (14)

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4. Use Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps not only emit a soothing orange, red, pink or whitish glow, they also emit healing negative ions that create fresh, clean air. Himalayan salt is known to increase your energy levels, remove static electricity from the air, and neutralize any electromagnetic radiation and allergens. It also promote good sleep and improve your overall mood (15). These lamps are a great addition to any room and they can help boost positive energy.

5. Play Soothing Music

The benefits of music are endless. Music has existed in one form or another since man could bang sticks and stones together. While it has evolved with technology, it has always been a cultural form of entertainment and has had a bounty of healing effects on the body. Music can also alter your vibration or that of the space it fills, which is why concerts and such events can be so energetic and memorable.

Numerous studies show that music can provide positive benefits for your heart, blood pressure, immune system, energy, learning and memory, sleep and even pain management (16). To fill your home with positive vibes, play music that is uplifting and brings you joy. Certain types of music are also shown to boost positive energy including classical, jazz, folk, orchestral, soul and opera (17).

6. Get a Family Pet

Family pets can bring a lot of love and joy to a home. Just as they love us, they teach us how to love unconditionally and can raise your vibration and that of your home. Studies show they can keep us healthy in a variety of ways, both physically and emotionally. (18)

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