Pittsburg to Host a “Floating Cinema” with Boats Instead of Seats in mid-September

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Unique problems require unique solutions and that’s exactly what the company Beyond Cinema is set to attempt. We’ve all heard about open summer or outdoor cinema and about drive-in cinema, but boats – boats are a whole new level of ingenuity. Intended to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the idea is that by seating people in boats, they will be properly socially distanced from strangers.

For one week this September, between the 16th and 24th, Beyond Cinema will organize an outdoor floating cinema “theater”. The event will include between 16 and 24 boats per screening, each boat having a capacity of up to 8 people.

Of course, the seats in each boat will be sold together, to make sure that only groups of friends and family are seated in a single boat. As for the film selection, Beyond Cinema hasn’t made them public yet and will do so when they open the ticket sales. For now, they’ve said that they’re planning a mix of “golden oldies and new releases”.


To make the whole endeavor even more tempting, they’ll also be providing free popcorn in every boat with additional snacks and drinks still available for purchase at the entrance. The location hasn’t been announced yet nor the ticket prices but one would assume they’d be a bit pricier than those for standard movie theater tickets. 

With all this in mind, this definitely isn’t something intended to replace movie theaters in the long run. If anything is going to do that, it’s going to be streaming as that’s already started to happen.

Floating cinema is also unlikely to save the struggling movie business as Hollywood needs much more than 16-24 boats to save its sinking movie productions. And all that’s not to mention that the industry was already on its heels even before the pandemic.

Nevertheless, an event like this floating cinema can still become an interesting experience that people can enjoy from time to time. Drive-in cinemas have seen a resurgence during the Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing norms around it, so why not floating cinema? The price will likely be a bit higher but if that’s made up for by the more unique experience, it’ll probably be worth it.