She Tattooed Half Her Face And The Reason Behind it Will Shock You

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

paramedical tattoo specialist

For serious burn victims, the only thing worse than the injury itself are the scars left behind.

But this incredible medical tattoo technology is giving renewed hope to burn victims.

In this video you will meet 17-year-old, Samira Omar who was the victim of a horrific bullying incident. A group of girls threw boiling water on her, leaving her badly burned and covered in scars and discoloration.


Samira believed that the physical scars would be with her forever — until she met Basma Hameed, a tattoo artist with a very special set of skills.

Basma is a paramedical tattoo specialist. Instead of tattooing vibrant, colorful designs, she uses special pigments that match the skin in order to conceal scars. With her help, patients like Samira can see a dramatic decrease in their scar visibility and discoloration after a few treatments.

She even offers free procedures for patients who are unable to afford treatment! That’s because Basma knows firsthand just how life-changing her work can be for those coping with painful scars left behind.

Watch the video below to see the incredible difference that this tattoo artist can make.

Tattoo Camouflages Scars and Burns

You can learn more about Basma Hameed and her services by visiting her clinic’s website.