Orgasm Hard To Add Years To Your Life

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Good news for just about everyone who wants to live longer: having more orgasms might tack years onto your life. Read on for a summary of the research, as well as a few of the other factors that could go into this exciting link.

Sex, Orgasms, and Longevity

Studies of sexuality have been ongoing for years, and the relationship between sex and longevity has been in question for decades. Multiple studies have reached the conclusion that, indeed, more sex is good for your health!

A 1976 study, for example, found that women who suffered from heart disease tended to be far more dissatisfied with their sex lives than those who didn’t have heart problems. A longitudinal study published in the 80s found that frequency and satisfaction of sex was an important factor in predicting longevity.


A more recent longitudinal study on sex and longevity, published in the late 1990s, found that in a sample of over 900 men between the ages of 49 and 59, those who had “high orgasmic frequency” had a 50% lower mortality risk during the time of the study than those who had “low orgasmic frequency,” with most marked differences related to deaths from heart attack or other coronary disease.

How Does It Work?

There are a number of physical factors that might contribute to this effect. For one, having sex more frequently (orgasms, specifically, were not studied, so much as sexual frequency) can boost immunity by raising the levels of immuloglobulin A in the body.