He Switched To Eating Only One Meal Per Day And Something Very Interesting Happened

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one meal per day

he-switched-to-eating-only-one-meal-per-dayHave you ever wondered why you eat 3 meals a day?

While it may seem that humans have always eaten this way, there was a time when we were lucky to get one meal a day.

Before modern agriculture, humans grazed on berries, fruits, nuts, and seeds and gorged themselves every few days after a successful hunt.


While eating multiple meals may seem like an essential evolution, some people, like Joseph, find that their bodies don’t respond well to this habit.

As an experiment, he decided to switch to eating one meal a day. He found the effects were so beneficial that he still follows the practice to this day (1).

In fact, he insists that he has higher levels of stable energy now than when he ate multiple meals. He also has more strength, better focus and requires less sleep.

Now, he eats a 1200-1500 calorie meal around noon every day or every second day. His meal typically consists of fruits, vegetables, and plenty of fat and protein. You can find an example of his meal here. He also drinks plenty of water and coffee.

Why He Eats One Meal Per Day

Joseph prioritizes macronutrients, like fat and protein over micronutrients, like vitamins and minerals. He argues that eating three meals a day causes harmful blood sugar imbalances during which glucose is converted into fat, which then stores toxins (2).

Insulin makes it difficult for your body to use fat as energy once the glycogen stores in your liver and muscles have been used up. This leaves you in a cycle of fat gain, low energy, and disease.


Noticeably absent from his plate are grains and processed foods. In fact, his meals reflect what our ancestors found have eaten. This way of eating is referred to as the paleo diet.

By fasting and cutting out grains and refined sugars, Joshua pushes his body into a state of ketosis in which his body uses ketones (produced by his liver from fatty acids) instead of glucose.

To find out more about why Joseph follows this diet and how he does it, watch the video below.

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