New Disinfectant Not Only Kills Coronavirus but Keeps Surfaces Safe for Up to 90 Days

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

You know how some insecticides leave residue for weeks and months that can ward off insect pests? Scientists at the HK University of Science and Technology have developed something similar that seems very effective against viruses such as Covid-19. 

The new disinfectant has been dubbed “MAP-1” or Multilevel Antimicrobial Polymer 1. It’s designed to not only kill viruses the way bleach and alcohol do but to also leave a residue that continues to be deadly for such viruses for up to 3 months.

The scientists have achieved this effect by creating a special blend of heat-sensitive antimicrobial polymers which release disinfectants upon human contact. This way, every time a person, whether infected or not, touches the treated surface, the residue will instantly disinfect any virus that comes in contact with it.


The disinfectant released by the polymers is not toxic and is perfectly safe for people, other animals, and the environment as a whole. Plus, the polymers themselves can be used effectively on all kinds of surfaces, including porous ones such as leather and wood without damaging them or changing their texture in any way.

This is quite the breakthrough since spraying surfaces with this disinfectant can be very helpful during the still-raging Covid-19 pandemic. A surface disinfectant isn’t going to bring Covid-19 down on its own, however, it may prove to be a very useful tool nonetheless. 

Curiously enough, the MAP-1 disinfectant has actually been in development for nearly 10 years. Developed by professor Yeung Kinglun and his research team, it’s now being finished at a very opportune time.

MAP-1 has already been used successfully in multiple facilities, including shopping centers, nursing homes, churches, school buses, and others. Its effectiveness seems undeniable and it’s expected to be sold commercially before the end of the month.