This Is What Iceland Decided To Do This With Its Last McDonald’s Meal EVER Sold!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

last mcdonalds in iceland

When McDonald’s closed it’s doors in Iceland in 2009 , the last meal purchased – a burger and fries bought by a man named Hjortur Smarason – was carefully preserved in a dry environment.

Years later, it is still in good enough condition that it is being moved from it’s home in Iceland’s National Museum to a new display at the Bus Hotel in Reykjavik.

The lack of mould and rot on the food has drawn some attention – especially as others have successfully recreated the experiment themselves at home.


Countless youtube videos and photosets show McDonald’s food slowly expiring, but never showing signs of natural organic decay, just as with this famous burger and fries in Iceland.

Today, the meal sits in front of a web cam, which the museum claims may be “the most boring, uneventful webcam on the planet” due to the lack of rot and mould growing on the food.

The museum attributes McDonald’s closure in Iceland to the fact that the people of Iceland have little interest in supporting major corporations like McDonald’s, as well as the fact that the main diet of most people in Iceland is healthier than what you typically get at McDonald’s.

Last McDonald's burger in Iceland goes on display

You can see it live on webcam here.