This Fructose Liquid Is Actually Good For You

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

What kinds of things do you think about when trying to decide whether a food is healthy or not?


Do you look at its nutritional value and stop there?

Or do you look at the way the food was produced in order to determine whether or not it will benefit your body?


The truth is, many people do seem to think that the healthiness (or lack thereof) of a food product is solely related to the components and nutritional values of that product.

That can lead a lot of people to be turned off of a product such as natural honey, which is in essence nothing more than fructose sugar in a liquid form. Or is it?

Honey Naturally Contains High Levels of Antioxidants

Honey may actually be immensely more complex than people might think. Honey has been in use as a food source for the duration of human history, and at many points throughout history was used as the primary sweetening agent for food products.


However, unlike the refined sugars that people use in the present, honey has other key components that make it far preferable for use in sweetening foods, beverages, and even for consumption all on its own.

Honey naturally contains high levels of antioxidants, and honey that contains these important components has been proven in studies to offer a superior amount of protection against disease or other ailments in already healthy individuals[1].

Additionally, these components of honey have been shown to offer protection against heart disease and cancer – something that is incredibly important to every individual, regardless of their own personal history[2].


But of course, honey is still a sugar, and it is important to examine the effects of honey when compared to refined sugars and sugars from other sources.

One of the biggest findings among researchers is that even though honey does raise blood sugar levels, it does not raise them to nearly the same amount of an equivalent amount of a refined sugar.

This incredible study also states that the benefits of honey extend beyond healthy individuals to include those with diabetes and those suffering from issues such as high cholesterol[3].


Always Go For Darker Honey

However, there is one thing to point out – because honey is derived from a natural source, there can be a fair amount of variation in the nutritional content of honey from batch to batch.

No two jars will ever be exactly the same. However, it is possible for you to choose a honey that will offer you all the benefits that you are searching for. The answer? Simply purchase a darker honey.

Darker honey includes a much higher level of antioxidants than light honey, making dark honey a better choice for those looking to harness these particular benefits[4].


It’s also important to be conscientious about the way that you are eating honey. Drizzled over donuts or ice cream? It may be delicious, but it isn’t necessarily nutritious.

Choose using honey on yogurt, granola, or use it to add some sweetness to your next cup of tea. There are plenty of healthy ways to include honey in your diet, and you will be sure to see its benefits as your body grows even stronger.