Marijuana Chewing Gum And 14 Other Natural IBS Treatment Options

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

ibs treatment

1. Cannabis Gum

Researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands have begun testing a cannabinoid-infused chewing gum that can reduce IBS symptoms. CBD, if you didn’t know, is a non-psychoactive beneficial cannabinoid.

The gum is produced by AXIM Biotechnologies. The company already manufactures CBD oil as well as another version of the gum called Canchew, which is already available to the public.

The new gum, called CanChew Plus is meant to reduce painful stomach cramps, control bloating, and normalize the stool of IBS patients. It works because CBD interacts with the endogenous cannabinoid receptors to loosen tension in the bowels.


It also has an economic value: the syndrome is linked to $21 billion in medical expenses, work absenteeism, and loss of productivity.

“We are excited to see that AXIM has reached another milestone in its clinical development program,” said Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc (7).

“This is the first advancement in cannabinoid research for treatment of IBS in medical history and gives a clear example of how far ahead AXIM is in its clinical development programs.”

In the trial, the gum will contain 50mg of CBD per serving and patients will be given up to 6 gums a day. The company hopes to make the product available to patients suffering from ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease too.