How to Use Agave as a Natural Sweetener

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Need a little sweetness in your dish, but don’t want to use white sugar or an artificial sweetener? Agave is a fantastic alternative to less healthy sweeteners, and it’s available in plenty of organic varieties, too.

While you might have already mastered some of the simple uses of agave-as-sugar replacement, like in coffee or on oatmeal, you may not be quite up to subbing it into slightly more complicated recipes. Read on for five more ways that you can use agave nectar.

1. Mango-Agave Granola



Granola is a great way to kick off the day with a filling mix of fiber, protein, and fruit. This mango-agave granola recipe features a base of rolled oats, nuts, seeds, and flax, sweetened with agave and dried mango.

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay recommends serving it with plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt for a filling, yet healthy breakfast sure to keep you going for hours. Feel free to add in your favorite nuts and fruit for a personal touch!

2. Creamy Tomato Soup

agave2 (2)

Tomato, basil, and… agave? That’s right! The agave recipe in this creamy tomato soup recipe helps to soften the tang of the tomatoes, creating an even flavor that’s sure to please.

This recipe gets its creaminess from low-fat cream cheese, but feel free to substitute a non-dairy option if you’re watching your cholesterol or calories. And of course, the vegetarians out there are certainly welcome to trade out chicken broth for vegetable stock.

3. Agave-Sweetened Chipotle BBQ Sauce

agave-Chipotle-BBQ-SauceBarbeque sauce is a great way to spice up cookout favorites like chicken, or even healthier options like tempeh. Whatever you top with this sauce, its sure to be a good decision.

In this barbeque sauce recipe, tomato paste is combined with agave, chipotle, orange zest, dijon mustard, vinegar, and other spices and simmered until it’s sweet, thick, and tangy. Use as a marinade or on its own as a dip!