How to Limit Noise Induced Hearing Loss

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

noise induced hearing loss

With over 360 million people suffering from disabling hearing loss throughout the world, and 16% of that figure being attributed to occupational noise, it is without question that more needs to be done to increase awareness.

Recognizing and understanding the amount of noise that our ears can endure is the first step to preventing noise induced hearing loss.

Research indicates that noise levels above 85 dB can only be endured for eight hours. Interestingly, an iPod at full volume emits 105 dB – a level that we should only be subjected to for 15 minutes.

The following infographic was designed to raise awareness on noise induced hearing loss, and to provide information on symptoms to be aware of.

There are a variety of industries in which people are subjected to excessive noise, and unfortunately damage from noise exposure often goes unnoticed.

noise induced hearing loss