High-Tech “Granny Pods” Could Be The Solution To Expensive Nursing Homes. This Is Genius!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

granny pods

high-tech-granny-pods-could-be-the-solutionIn American society, family members tend to grow apart as they age. When they can no longer live a fully independent life, older relatives typically end up in retirement homes.

These homes may provide medical assistance, but they also make their residents feel isolated from their families. This can lead to loneliness, depression and even early death.

Families aren’t always able to take in a loved one with medical needs. Many may feel as though their home isn’t safe enough for an older guest.


That’s all about to change.

Innovating Family-Managed Care

Reverend Ken Dupin, the founder of N2Care wanted to change the way Americans families think of their elderly. He says he was inspired by how families around the world kept their grandparents close-by.

He told Fox News: “At the end of one’s life everywhere else in the world you basically come back into the family…but I didn’t see that happening here in the United States.”

He found that the main problem was that families were ill-equipped to take care of the elderly: “One of the things that we came up with was the fact that there were not a lot of good options to families participating in the care of their loved ones.”

So he began thinking about how to bring families together whilst maintaining independence and privacy. The result is a mobile cottage with everything a grandparent would need.

The MedCottage

Affectionately named “Granny Pods” these 12 feet by 24 feet homes plug into existing electrical and plumbing outlets.


nov _30_15_This _Granny_Pod_Will_Bring_Families_Together2They are specially built with the health of a senior in mind, being handicap-accessible and full of safety features. Small enough to fit in a backyard, every room is made to be within reach, including a small kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

nov _30_15_This _Granny_Pod_Will_Bring_Families_TogetherThe bathroom can also be connected to the bedroom thanks to a ceiling track to accomodate a resident with mobility issues.

nov _30_15_This _Granny_Pod_Will_Bring_Families_Together3Safety features include webcams for monitoring by family members and a padded floor, which is great for the joints and provides extra protection in the event of a fall. The home can also remind its resident to take medication or alert caregivers in the event of an emergency.

nov _30_15_This _Granny_Pod_Will_Bring_Families_Together1

The cottages are equipped with high-tech safety measures and communication tools. It can be upgraded to accommodate more vulnerable or ill elderly too. You can take a look at all the tech specs here:



Bringing families together isn’t just good for the elderly, it’s good for children and their parents too! The result is a strengthened family connection and identity. Growing old can be difficult to accept, knowing that you’re taken care of can greatly reduce the stress of aging.

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