They Sent Froot Loops To a Lab For Tests…What They Found Should Have Every Parent Concerned!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

froot loops

Froot loops are synonymous with childhood for many of those who have grown up in the United States.

The cereal’s bright colors and zesty “fruity” flavor have kept children coming back for years. Unfortunately, there is a side of froot loops that parents rarely look into, a side that stretches beyond bright colored boxes and playful marketing.

The sad fact is, froot loops are a dangerous choice for children, and new lab results are proving just how harmful of a breakfast option this brand of cereal really is (1).


What’s in a Froot Loop?

There are increasing numbers of scientific studies proving how toxic GMOs really are. In fact in recent years, some countries have completely banned GMOs in an effort to create food that is safer for human consumption. These toxins can easily be transmitted into the bloodstream of those who eat them (2).

In 2014 a lab sample of froot loops was submitted, and it was found that 100% of the corn in Froot Loops was GMO. This level of toxicity can result in headaches, nausea, rashes, and fatigue, and lead to much larger problems, even cancer (3).

Lab samples also found traces of “Roundup Ready” in the cereal, a frequently used Monsanto herbicide.

Why This Particular Type of GMO Corn is So Harmful.

The EPA found that GMO corn used to create froot loops, can cause severe reactions. In one specific study “rats fed Mon 863 developed several reactions, including those typically found with allergies: increased basophils) in response to infections, toxins, and various diseases including cancer (increased lymphocytes and white blood cells) and in the presence of anemia (decreased reticulocyte count) and blood pressure problems (decreased kidney weights).”

Glyphosate, A Dangerous Pesticide

Glyphosate residue was also found within the sample, leaving significant reason for concern.

“We are deeply concerned about the health risks of genetically engineered foods and the associated insecticides and herbicides, especially their effect on the bodies of growing children. Children eat more food per pound of body weight than the average adult. As a result, pound for pound, they have substantially heavier exposures than adults to any toxins that are present in food, water or air. Children are undergoing rapid growth and development and their delicate developmental processes are easily disrupted. We must keep them safe” said Alexandra Zissu, Editorial Director of Healthy Child Healthy World (4).