DIY Workout: 6 Household Items that Double as Gear

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

The added expense of a gym membership is not always feasible for the average income, but that doesn’t lessen the importance of staying in shape.

The good news is that there are multiple techniques for keeping your body fit without having to lose too much of your time or money.

Whether it is a daily jog outside or even the classic go-to exercises, like jumping jacks and sit-ups, you can find minimal techniques that work for you.


But what if you have kids that can’t be left alone when you work out? Or if it’s a rainy day and the chance of a run is pretty slim? In those cases, you can use simple household items to help you with your exercise routine.

1. Child’s Step-Stool

You know that step that sits in front of your bathroom mirror that you accidentally bump into every morning? You know, the one your kids use to brush their teeth and wash their hands.

By simply changing the environment and putting it in the middle of your living room, you have an aerobic step! These stools are usually very sturdy, in order to ensure your children’s safety, so they can easily work to hold your weight for exercise routines.

2. Kitchen Jars

There are probably a few jars in your kitchen used to hold dry goods; I bet you never realized how great they could be as hand weights! Simply find a couple of similarly sized and weighted jars, and hold on tight as you complete your strength training drills.