4 Comfortable Sleeping Positions for Couples

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

comfortable sleeping positions for couples

Sleeping with a partner is nice. Sometimes. Other times, it can affect the healthy sleep of both people and force one or the other to take to the couch or spare bedroom. There are ways, however, to sleep complementary to each other, taking into account different sleep styles.

Often you can’t choose in what position you sleep. You may try to consciously go to sleep in one position but, invariably, you’ll switch to the most comfortable during the night. That’s okay. You can still have body contact with your partner, which strengthens your bond, while getting a restful night’s sleep. Here’s how:


comfortable sleeping positions for couples1. Classic Spoons – two side sleepers

Great for full-body contact if you can stand the heat. Sleeping on your side takes the pressure off your back.

Putting a pillow between bent knees helps the back and knees as well. This position gives you all the benefits of side-sleeping and cuddling together.

comfortable sleeping positions for couples2. Excalibur – back sleeper and side sleeper

The back sleeper should keep arms at the sides rather than around the head so as to avoid stress on the shoulders.

The side sleeper can then face the other with the back slightly toward the mattress to avoid the bottom arm falling asleep.

comfortable sleeping positions for couples3. Paper Dolls – two back sleepers

While not full-on cuddling, the arm, hand, and foot contact still provide physical connection.

Turning faces toward each other as sleep sets in ensures the last image you see in the waking state is the loving face of your partner.


comfortable sleeping positions for couples4. Sidesaddle – stomach sleeper and side sleeper

The stomach sleeper can put a pillow under the abdomen to take pressure off the back, then the side sleeper gently places arms on top of the other, allowing space between but still providing contact.

Even a gentle hand on the arm may be enough to keep your connection while in Lala Land.

The best sleep position is one in which the curve of your back is maintained and supported. How you achieve this is a matter of personal comfort and preference.

You can accomplish a healthy sleep position and still keep in close contact with your partner during sleep. Some assert that your sleep positions say a lot about the quality of your relationship; that may be partially true, however, comfort must take precedence for a solid night’s sleep so don’t fret if cuddling makes you too darn hot. There are ways for you and your partner to express closeness without either having to sleep on the floor.

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source: womenshealthmag