Tainted Cilantro is Making People Sick Because of Where It’s Being Grown And Now It’s Been Banned

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


Cilantro is one of those herbs that offer a host of benefits. But be careful of where it comes from! According to Delish,

On July 27th, U.S. health officials put a ban on importing the green after finding human feces and toilet paper in South-of-the-border herb fields—a disgusting discovery that has now been linked to hundreds of illnesses among Americans since 2012.

It was found that the cilantro from the farms in Puebla, Mexico were to blame for recent cases of parasitic cyclosporiasis. For those who don’t know, cyclosporiasis causes diarrhea and explosive bowl movements.


The only good thing you’ll be glad to hear is that restaurants such as Chipotle, which use cilantro in their recipes, haven’t been affected by all of this because they get their cilantro from California.

Make sure you know where your herbs come from!