Breakdancer Simon Ata’s Strength Training Workout Is Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

australian breakdancer simon ata

Simon Ata (the “Simonster”), an Australian breakdancer, is a picture of strength, flexibility, stamina, stability and control.

In a recently posted awe inspiring workout video he demonstrates how he stays in tip-top form using only his bodyweight. While the vast majority of us could not possibly do what Simon does in this video, it can serve as inspiration.

Breakdancers are known for their strength, agility, flexibility, eye-hand coordination, and so much more. Many believe their athletic prowess is similar to that of elite dancers, and gymnasts.


Watching this video shows that Simon, for his profession, must have a balanced training that incorporates not just strength, but flexibility, balance, and aerobic fitness.

So, what can we do to improve our overall health, wellness and fitness?

Develop A Fitness Routine That Is Sustainable

Long-term wellness isn’t about crash diets, and over exercising. It is about creating a healthy lifestyle, which is sustainable for the long haul.

This means that your wellness routine must incorporate healthy foods, plenty of water, and regular exercise. But, and perhaps most importantly, it must be fun.


Let’s be honest, traditional workout routines quickly become monotonous. There are so many activities that can help you physically and mentally stay engaged, it is time to incorporate them into your routine. Start by asking yourself, “What activities do I enjoy?”

Train For Full Body Fitness

Creating a body and mind that is fit, from top to bottom. Here are some suggestions for switching up your current fitness regimen:

Tennis: Excellent fat burning activity that improves your cardiovascular fitness, eye-hand coordination, leg strength, speed, balance and agility.


Jump Rope: You can jump rope virtually anywhere, and the equipment is cheap. Burn more calories than running, improve your cardiovascular system, and develop stability and balance just by adding this activity to your workout.

jump rope


Yoga: Yoga builds strength and flexibility, but can also aid in relaxation, and stimulate proper breathing techniques while lowering your blood pressure.


Basketball: Do you enjoy team sports? Basketball is a great overall body workout. Burn calories while building muscle, endurance, concentration, and coordination.


Swimming:  Swimming is an excellent total body workout. Did you know you could burn over 300 calories in a half hour while toning your body?



Cross-Country Skiing: Just because there is snow on the ground doesn’t mean you have to abandon your outdoor cross-training workouts. Cross-country skiing revs up your metabolism, burns calories, increases your cardiovascular fitness level all the while developing balance, agility and coordination.

cross-country skiing

Ice Skating:  Most of us haven’t strapped on skates in years, and we are missing a chance to have a fun workout. Ice skating burns calories, but it is also an excellent activity for toning your abs and strengthening you thighs, calves, buttocks, and hamstrings.

ice skating

Ultimate Frisbee: This dynamic whole-body sport burns calories, increases eye-hand coordination, focus, and allows you to socialize and have some fun.

ultimate frisbee


Hula Hoop: Did you know that hula hooping can burn as many calories as an intense step aerobics class?  It is an outstanding workout for your abs, back, arms and legs, improving your balance, coordination and flexibility. You can use a child’s hula-hoop, but there are also weighted hula hoops designed specifically for adult workouts. There are even classes springing up around the country!

hula hoop

Pilates On Reformer: While Pilates may look easy, it is anything but. You can get a fantastic workout on a Pilates reformer that helps to build flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination.

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