10 Dangerous Brain-Damaging Habits to Stop Immediately

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

brain-damaging habits

5. Over-eating

Over-eating leads to excess weight, often to obesity. And we’re not talking about splurging on kale.

Often when someone eats more than is necessary, the food that’s taken in is lacking in nutrition; the body remains hungry because it’s not getting what it needs in the form of nutrition and so we eat more.

Nutrient-poor foods do not optimize brain performance. In addition, chronic obesity has been directly associated with low brain volume and dementia.


6. Reticence

Oral communication uses a different part of the brain than written. (8) If you don’t often talk to other people, you don’t exercise this part of the brain.

Additionally, we are social animals and are meant to talk to one another; lack of social interaction can cause depression and anxiety—also products of the brain.