Boost Testosterone Naturally With These 7 Tricks

by DailyHealthPost

If you’re looking for a way to heighten your levels of testosterone, there’s no need to resort to unhealthy, unnatural options! By choosing natural methods, you can easily promote your testosterone in a healthy way. Try making these 7 changes to achieve a new, healthy out look on life!

1. Cut Out Sugar From Junk Food

If you’re struggling with low testosterone, your first step should be to reduce your sugar intake drastically. The best way to do this is to cut down on junk food and processed fruit drinks as much as possible.

Since sugar makes you tired and irritable, you’ll immediately feel happier and healthier. Even better, the clearly established link between diabetes and low testosterone means that by reducing your sugar consumption, you are taking away one major factor that might be lowering your levels of testosterone.

2. Lose Weight

Cutting out sugar gets you started in the right direction for losing weight. By getting rid of some pounds, you can automatically increase the level of testosterone in your body. Plus, you’ll feel better about yourself and have plenty of energy in every aspect of your life!

Diet is obviously a huge part of successful weight loss. The ideal solution is to create a caloric deficit for as long as you can before your body decides to slow down your metabolism due to lower caloric intake and then have a cheat day where you can splurge on healthy calories to reset your metabolism. Avoid extreme fad diets and instead, focus on consuming fresh fruit and veggies and healthy fats.

3. Choose Healthy Fats

In order to enhance your weight loss efforts, you have to begin choosing healthier foods to put into your body. Although most diet experts will tell you to emphasize unsaturated fats like nuts and avocadoes, saturated fat is also an important part of a testosterone-building regime. Eat a healthy mixture of foods like grass-fed beef, organic egg yolks, coconut oil, avocadoes, and raw nuts.

4. Boost Your Vitamin D

You need lots of vitamin D in order to maintain testosterone levels and a high sperm count. The best way to get vitamin D? Spend lots of time in the sun!


You don’t have to spend your whole day under the sun, just 45 minutes split throughout the day as 15 minutes intervals will do the trick. Although you can take helpful supplements, your body absorbs the vitamin more quickly and efficiently from the sun.

5. Got Zinc?

Another nutrient you should be aware of is zinc. Studies have found that a very low percentage of adults are getting enough of this mineral. Zinc can be found in foods such as oysters, salmon, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, dark chocolate, garlic, sesame see, chickpeas, shrimp, crab, organic beef, beef liver, lima beans, egg yolks, mushrooms, turkey, spinach, lamb, peanuts, kidney beans, flax seeds, pork and more.

If you decide to use a zinc supplement, stick to a dosage of less than 40 mg a day, as this is the recommended adult upper limit. Taking too much zinc can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb other minerals, especially copper, and may cause nausea as a side effect.

6. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Naturally, exercise should be a part of your attempt to lose weight, but it also provides the benefit of increasing testosterone levels. Focus on high-intensity workouts in order to prevent the decline of testosterone. Intense strength training is also effective in enhancing your levels of testosterone.

7. Get Rid of Stress

Stress releases a hormone that actually blocks your testosterone from performing correctly. Researchers believe that this issue arises because typical male behavior can be put on hold in an emergency situation, so stress causes testosterone to recede. If you are suffering from stress, make proactive choices to eliminate or control your levels of stress so that your testosterone can return to its normal functionality.

What are your tricks for boosting your testosterone levels? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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