Book Review: The China Study

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell is the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted and its results have startled the world’s previous opinions on diet and long-term health. The study crossed the borders of 65 counties in China, included 367 variables, dealt with 6,500 adults, and what it discovered will affect nutrition permanently.

About the Author: T. Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell is professor emeritus at Cornell University and is the primary conductor of The China Study, along with his son, Thomas M. Campbell II. Together with Cornell University, Oxford University, and the Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine, they developed the influential book that would encourage plant-based diets and share tips for long-term health.

The China Study’s Findings

Author T. Colin Campbell has done a lot of research establishing the best eating habits for producing long-term, healthy results. What he has found may surprise the majority of Americans. Now, you’ve most likely heard that America is the unhealthiest population in the world, largely in part to the obesity levels. Right? Yes, but the real reason why Americans are so unhealthy is often overlooked.


According to The China Study, the excess amount of animal protein consumed by Americans, and people in general, is promoting cancer-cell growth more so than the original carcinogens. The best way to avoid chronic diseases is by following a whole foods, plant-based diet. This allows for the body to receive the appropriate carbohydrates, rather than refined carbs loaded with sugar, while also absorbing vitamins and minerals.