4 Back Relief Tricks to Sleep All Night Like a Baby

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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back relief tricksNot getting enough sleep is an all-too-common problem in modern society. Even if you head to bed early to get the 7-9 hours you need, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually be able to stay asleep all night long. There are plenty of factors that come into play when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions too!

Why Can’t I Sleep?

One of the most common reasons why you’re not getting enough shut-eye is simple: stress.

When you feel stressed all day at work, you’re likely to take that feeling home with you. You might get a break while making dinner or enjoying a good book in the evening, but when those distractions are gone, you’re likely to start worrying about your next day at work.


In this case, practicing yoga before bed can be a great way to calm your mind and banish stressful thoughts.

Another common problem is suffering from night time back aches, which make it difficult to get comfortable and drift into sleep. Some people may even experience back pain that wakes them up in the middle of the night (1).

Since your back muscles are sore after a long day spent sitting at your desk, it’s important to loosen up before hitting the sack. This habit helps relieve tension and stretch out and loosen up overused muscles.

To amplify the effects of the back pain relief poses below, drink some calming tea two hours before bedtime, take a soothing bath, and avoid electronic devices at least 90 minutes before bedtime.

4 Back Pain Relief Tricks for a Good Night’s Sleep

You don’t need a yoga mat to do these poses, just use your bed!

1.     Wind-Relieving Pose

This pose is commonly used to treat gas pain and poor digestion but has many other benefits. In fact, this pose can actually boost blood circulation in the hip joints, strengthen the back and core, and eases tension in the lower back (2).


back pain relief

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Lie on your back, and relax your whole body.
  2. Bend your knees so that the soles of your feet are touching the ground (or your mattress).
  3. Reach towards the ceiling, bring your knees into your chest, and wrap your arms around them.
  4. Exhale and bring your knees further into your chest. With every breath, inhale and move your legs away from your torso, bringing them closer to you on the exhale.
  5. Hold the position for 8-10 breaths.