The Cancer-Fighting Salad Everyone Should Be Eating Once a Week (With ACV, Avocado And More)

by DailyHealthPost

anti cancer salad

the-cancer-fighting-salad-everyone-should-be-eating-once-a-weekFor some people, eating salad is an experience best left for dieters and vegetarians.

But salads have come a long way from your typical diner mix of iceberg lettuce, cucumber slices, onions, and a sad slice of tomato—topped, of course, with a trans-fat-filled dollop of “house dressing“.

Salads now come in a huge variety of textures and flavors. Anything goes, from beans to seeds, or even warm ingredients.

The best salads, however, are the ones that not only look and taste great but also include a wide variety of functional foods.

With practically everything linked to cancer and other diseases of one sort or another, eating properly is no longer an option—it’s a requirement for staying healthy.

Here’s a great recipe for a powerhouse salad for anyone who’s on the go.

Anti Cancer Salad With Spinach and Avocado

Here are the star ingredients of this recipe and how they work to improve your health!


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