9-Year-Old Girl Who Used Cannabis To Cure Her Cancer Shares A Message With The World

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

girl cure cancer using cannabis treatment

Now that the myths, stigma, and criminalization of cannabis are beginning to clear, we in North America are seeing what an incredible bounty this ancient plant is.


Marijuana was illegalized in the United States in the 1930s against the advice of the American Medical Association.

Other cultures have known its benefits for millennia and it’s about time we caught up.


Not many people are fully knowledgeable about the plant.

brave mykayla

The words “mary jane” elicit images of stoners huddled together under the bleachers at the high school football field. That’s a 20th-century picture that doesn’t do justice to a plant that Thomas Jefferson hailed: “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”[1]

Valued across the world not only for its medicinal qualities, hemp is used as fiber for paper, clothing, rope, and its seeds and oil for food. Other research suggests it can be used as a fuel to replace gasoline as well.[2]

A University of London study showed that cannabinoids stopped cancer cells from growing and caused no damage to healthy cells.[3] There is mounting real evidence of its efficacy.

In fact, the cannabis derivative works better than pharmaceuticals in every way for treating cancer, including managing pain.

In a recently-released video, a nine-year-old girl shares her experience with cannabis treatment. She was diagnosed with a rare leukemia at the age of seven which manifested in a huge tumor in her chest. After chemotherapy proved ineffective, her parents decided to try cannabis oil; six days after her first dose, the cancer went into remission and remains so, two years later.

Message to the World from Brave Mykayla

Here is a listing of Mykayla’s Lymphoblast counts from day one, July 14th 2012, on to August 20th 2012. This is amazing medical proof of Mykayla benefiting from Cannabis.

Date Of Test Lymphoblast count-Blood Smear

  • Diagnosis 14-Jul 33%
  • 15-Jul 51%
  • 16-Jul 11%
  • 17-Jul 14%
  • 18-Jul 16%
  • 19-Jul 3%
  • 20-Jul 29%
  • 23-Jul 31%
  • 24-Jul Began Cannabis Oil
  • 26-Jul 5%
  • 30-Jul 3%
  • 2-Aug 0%
  • 6-Aug 0%
  • 13-Aug 0%
  • 20-Aug 0%

July 30th 2012 was the very last time they found lymphoblasts in Mykayla’s blood smear.

In another case, the inoperable brain tumor of an eight-month-old baby was cured with cannabis oil. It’s important to note that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical in the cannabis plant that has psychoactive effects, is activated by heating.

The THC in the female cannabis plant is contained mostly in her buds and flowers; there is more THC than in the male plant. The cannabinoids used for treating illness are extracted without heat, thereby concentrating the active ingredient without releasing its psychoactive effects. While pain relief and a calming and soothing effect may occur, it isn’t the same as when marijuana is smoked recreationally.


Cannabis has been found efficacious in the treatment of HIV[4], cancer, glaucoma[5], arthritis, and other serious conditions.[6]

cannabis leaf

Science is finally exploring all of the abilities of this magnificent plant as society begins to understand the bigger picture.

John Adams, the second President of the United States, wrote in a 1763 Boston Evening-Post article under the pseudonym Humphrey Ploughjogger:

“Seems to me if grate Men dont leeve off writing Pollyticks, breaking Heads, boxing Ears, ringing Noses and kicking Breeches, we shall by and by want a world of Hemp more for our own consumshon.”


Seems he was somewhat of a prophet in addition to his other talents.