8 Natural Ways To Prevent Bloating

by DailyHealthPost

Men and women alike can suffer from the uncomfortable side effects of bloating, from feeling heavy and sluggish to not being able to fit in your favorite pair of pants. Although sometimes it’s hard to avoid getting a little bloated, there are many lifestyle choices that you can make to reduce the effects of bloating. Try making these small changes if you’re struggling with bloating – you’ll be amazed at how big a difference little choices can make!

1. Start Your Day With Fiber

In order to start your day off on the right foot, choose breakfast foods that will prevent constipation, since constipation will inevitably make you feel bloated. High-fiber options are best, such as whole-grain cereal or rolled oats. If you can manage to throw in a dash of flaxseed, you’ll feel even better!

2. Skip the Spicy Food

Even if it’s delicious, spicy food will often cause bloating. Instead of spicy options chili powder and hot sauces that will release bloat-inducing stomach acid, try seasoning your food with fresh, flavorful herbs like rosemary, dill, tarragon, basil, or sage.

3. Avoid Fake Sugar

Although sugar substitutes may help you to avoid real sugar, they’re still not really good for you, and they’re likely to make you bloat. Some of the biggest culprits are sugar-free gums and diet sodas, so skip those products in favor of more natural options.

4. Prepare Your Beans Properly

Although beans are incredibly good for you, they are known for releasing large amounts of gas into your system. All that gas will make you feel bloated right away! In order to reduce the levels of gas generated by beans, soak your dried beans overnight before you cook them. If you’re not cooking the beans yourself, you might consider taking the OTC enzyme Beano.

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