Women Who Jump At Least 10X a Day Show Greater Hipbone Density Than Those Who Don’t

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

jump rope

Anyone for a spot of bone jarring?

As it has been proven that bones should, and need to be jarred for their own good.

Use Hopping Exercises to Increase Bone Density

One study published by the American Journal of Health Promotion that involved hopping as the chosen form of bone jarring exercise discovered that women who hopped at least 10 times a day after four months had significantly increased their hipbone density when compared to the other study participants who did no hopping.


Whilst the other group of female, postmenopausal subjects, who hopped 20 times a day for four months showed an even greater hipbone density increase after the study was finished.

Start Pounding The Ground

Hopping is not the only form of bone jarring exercise – there are many others such as sprinting, jumping off boxes at your gym and running.

Previous experiments have found that subjecting bones from time to time, to abrupt stress, causes them to build mass or at least reduce their loss of mass that starts to happen when a person ages.

What cannot be confirmed is just how much force is needed to stimulate this bone mass, and how often should it be performed.