7 Minutes. No Equipment. One Science-Backed Core Workout That Works

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

at home ab workout

Working out is difficult for most people to do on a regular basis. The main issue that arises is making time to go to the gym. When you factor in the time it takes to get there, warm up, workout, stretch, cool down, wash up, and get home, it can add up to a good hour or two of your time.

While at-home workouts are more convenient, many take a 30-45 minutes we simply don’t have to spare. That’s why this 7-minute core workout is so great. When you’re low on time, doing bodyweight exercises is your best option (1).

Also, it’s better to work out multiple muscle groups at the same time than isolating specific muscles. Exercises like the ones below will burn calories, improve flexibility, and build strength all at once (2).


Intelligent, effective, and high-intensity, this quick workout is exactly what you need to tone up your midsection and strengthen your back.

Best of all, this at home ab workout even has some killer cardio in the mix.

After trying this workout, you’ll even feel in your shoulders and pelvic floor, so it’s best not to do it every day.