7 Little-Known Drinks That Can Help You Sleep Better Tonight

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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Struggling to get enough good quality sleep at night? Then perhaps you need to change what you drink before bed.

We all know that drinking caffeine-rich drinks before bed is not a good idea but did you know that some drinks can actually help you sleep better? Here’s seven beverages you might want to consider drinking before going to bed.

1. Chamomile Tea

One of the most popular natural sleep aids is chamomile tea and it has been used for generations to help people to relax. It is believed that the sedative effects of chamomile tea may be linked to the flavonoid apigenin which is present in the tea.


Unfortunately not many randomized clinical trials have been done investigating chamomile in the treatment of sleep disorders but it is believed that chamomile may help relieve generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and that in doing so this may hold sleep benefits[1].

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2. Almond Milk

According to Bioclinic Naturals, “Serotonin is an important initiator of sleep. The synthesis of Central Nervous System (CNS) serotonin depends on the availability of tryptophan.” Almond milk is high in tryptophan as well as another nutrient important to sleep, magnesium, and so can be beneficial in improving the quality of your sleep.

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