6 Natural Ways to Detox Fluoride From The Body

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

fluoride detox

5. General Liver Cleanse.

liver cleanse juice

Perhaps the most important step to detoxifying from fluoride intake; the liver is your body’s toxin filter.

Since fluoride isn’t a product found naturally in the body, it may get stuck in there.


Be mindful of the kind of cleanse you select; find a safe one for you.

These liver-cleansing foods will help: garlic, turmeric, lemons and limes, and avocado.

6. Take a Sauna.

dry sauna

Sauna is great for ridding your body of toxins—you sweat them out. The penetrating heat feels good, too.

Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after so you don’t get dehydrated.

If you have other medical conditions, consult your healthcare provider first.


If your municipality is still adding fluoride to your water, do some research to find out if you agree.

Safe water should be a given.