6 Small Changes in Your Exercise Routine That Will Make a Difference

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

exercise routine

5. Track Your Walking.


Get a little pedometer and keep track of how much you walk.

A rule of thumb to follow is a minimum 6,000 steps per day [3], which is the equivalent of three miles.

It sounds like a lot but if you add up walking to the printer and around the kitchen preparing dinner, you walk more than you think you do.


By being mindful of how much you are doing, you can track your activity and progress, painlessly stepping it up if you need to.

6. Heat up your warm-up.

Dynamic Stretches For A Full Body Warm Up

A dynamic warm-up is more effective and less likely to result in injury than a static one.

In addition, you put emphasis on the muscles you are about to engage to stretch, strengthen, and tone gradually [4].


You’ll also burn more calories and ready your whole system for more vigorous exertion.

It’s better to stretch when your muscles are warm; stretching cold muscles can cause damage. Whatever exercise you do, keep doing it.

Do more, faster, stronger, longer and you’ll find getting and keeping in shape a little easier.