6 Seasonal Recipes: Late Spring

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

4. Chicken with Leeks and Peas

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These tender veggies are some of the first non-leafy greens to rear their heads when the weather starts to turn warmer.

In this vinegar-braised chicken with leeks and peas dish, chicken breasts are first seared, and then baked in broth with fresh leeks and peas. White balsamic vinegar and tarragon give this otherwise simple dish an extra dose of gourmet. Serve by itself, or with the grain of your choosing.


5. Salmon with Curried Fennel Wine Sauce

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Fennel is one of the unsung heroes of spring, but this dish really gives this complex flavor its due. This recipe features sliced fennel bulbs, slow-cooked with scallions and dry white wine, and seasoned with curry powder.

Then, this sauce is served over broiled salmon steaks. Simple as this recipe for salmon and curried fennel wine sauce is, it’s a great way to seriously impress a guest, or simply treat yourself to the type of meal you usually only get at the choicest restaurants.

6. Strawberries and Coconut Cream

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Strawberries typically don’t come into season until the very end of the spring, and they don’t stay in season for very long. Enjoy them while you can with this simple, dairy-free twist on the traditional strawberries and cream.

Make your own coconut whipped cream by refrigerating a can of coconut milk overnight, and then scraping off the layer of cream that rises to the top. Whip it with a hand beater, stirring in sugar and vanilla extract to taste. Serve over sliced, fresh strawberries!
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