Global Warming Worsens Spring Allergies

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Have you noticed that your springtime allergies are getting worse? You’re not alone. New research shows that spring is coming earlier and plants are blooming more, which means more pollen is being breathed by allergy sufferers.

Earlier Blooming Equals More Allergies

Whatever your opinions on the topic of climate change may be, the data is clear: temperatures are getting higher earlier in the year, and as a result, more and more plant species are going into bloom sooner in the year than usual – a whole 10 to 14 days earlier, in fact. That may not seem like a lot, but for allergy sufferers, it means a whole lot.

Why? Well, pollen from trees and grass are one of the top causes of allergy symptoms. If you have allergies, you probably associate those first little buds with a near deluge of phlegm, not to mention watery eyes, a scratchy throat, tons of sneezing and wheezing, and itchy skin.

And because Spring is coming earlier, it gives those trees and plants more of an opportunity to not only start blooming sooner, but to create more pollen throughout the season.
[divider] Plus, individual allergy symptoms may worsen if pollen counts soar on warmer winter days, which can get your body ready to over-react even more than usual once the weather becomes warm more regularly.

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What You Can Do

Unfortunately, there’s not much individuals can do to slow down the pollen storm; at least, not in any immediate sense. What you can do is understand the best ways to keep your spring allergies in check. That means basics like taking an OTC allergy medication, as well as lifestyle changes that may reduce your exposure to pollen.

For example, you might find it helpful to do more laundry this spring. If you toss your clothes in the wash as soon as you get home, you reduce the chances of spreading pollen throughout your house and making things worse for yourself. Usually exercise outside? It might be time to switch to the gym or an indoor track on days when the pollen count is high.

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Whatever you do, count on starting earlier than usual!

Have you noticed your allergies becoming worse earlier than usual?