6 Natural Ways to Improve Your Digestion

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

2. Aim for gluten-free products

gluten free

Gluten is found in wheat products and other grainy species, like barley and rye.

It gives the food elasticity and chewiness, but it is very detrimental for people suffering from Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, and other issues regarding digestion.


Quinoa and brown rice are great replacements of gluten for the everyday diet.

3. Include more probiotic foods


Probiotic foods increase the number of healthy bacteria in the body, which boosts your immune system and also helps treat problems like diarrhea, gas and bloating, lactose-intolerance, as well as high cholesterol.

Some foods known for their probiotic benefits include: yogurt, pickled vegetables, sauerkraut, soft cheeses, etc.

Adding more probiotic rich products to your diet can most certainly increase immune health as well.