6 Medicinal Benefits of Aloe Vera

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

aloe vera

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2. Adaptogen

Doctors recognize Aloe Vera as an adaptogen, a substance that can help your body adapt to change and promote your ability to resist illness and infection.


An article in the Unique Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences from 2013 argues that, in addition to helping fight against illness, Aloe Vera’s adaptogenic powers help your body deal with physical and emotional stress[2].

3. Treats Ulcers

Doctors have long recognized Aloe Vera’s ability to help alleviate the symptoms of peptic ulcers.


While it is no substitute for visiting a medical doctor, it’s important to note that the anti-inflammatory and healing properties of Aloe Vera were used to treat ulcers long before doctors had prescription solutions[3].

4. Antioxidant and Detoxification Properties

Aloe Vera is a gelatinous food—like chia and seaweed—and has the benefit of absorbing toxins in your digestive tract. Aloe goes further, including important detoxification properties that might help protect your liver.

Currently, no clinical studies have been performed on humans, however, researchers recently discovered the power Aloe Vera has to reduce oxidative stress and liver toxicity in the rat model[4].