6 Easy Stretches You Can Do Under 5 Minutes To Loosen Tight Hip and Leg Muscles

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

It’s easy to build up tension in your hips and leg muscles, but without proper exercise this tension can increase your risk of injury, especially as you age.

Hip and joint problems and injuries are more common in the elderly, but that doesn’t mean that people of all ages can’t benefit from regular stretching to loosen up the muscles in their hips and legs.

Decreased discomfort and increased mobility are things that can benefit everyone. Here are some simple stretches designed to reduce tension in the hips and legs.

1. Seated Butterfly Stretch

Butterfly Stretch Solutions Adductors Stretching Flexibility Exercises

Sit on the floor with your legs folded and the soles of your feet touching. Slowly bend forward from the hips, with your back straight, until you start to feel tension in your back. Hold this pose for 30 seconds before slowly returning to your start position.

2. The Pigeon Pose

9 Different Ways to do Pigeon's Pose in Yoga

This position can be held for 30 seconds before you repeat it with the other leg.

3. Hip Extension

Run Faster and Increase Power With Hip Extension Exercise

Lying on your back, bend your legs at the knees, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Lift your butt and lower back off the floor, keeping your feet, upper back, and head grounded. Repeat this exercise ten times.

4. Bridges

How to do a bridge

This exercise is quite similar to the hip extension but it’s slightly more challenging. This stretch is perfect to perform after the hip extension. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds.

5. The Seated Hip External Rotator

Seated Hip External Rotation Stretch

Hold this pose for 30 seconds, and repeat with your other leg. You can use an exercise band around your rotating food to help secure the pose.

6. Standing Hip Flexor

Standing Hip Flexion

Do this movement 10 times with each leg. As your progress, you can use a band to add resistance.

Good Exercises To Keep Mobility

In addition to performing regular stretching routines, it’s important to get enough exercise that will promote healthy joints and muscles. The following easy exercises are specifically helpful for building healthy and relaxed muscles and joints.

Water-Based Exercises

Water-based exercises, like water aerobics, are a good full-body workout, and also a great way to strengthen your joints, including your hips. Water resistance works effectively as resistance, while still allowing you a full range of motion, and the natural buoyancy you experience helps reduce the strain on your joints(1).


Walking is one of the most basic forms of exercise, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important! Walking can help rebuild worn joint muscles and protect your joints from injury(2).

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