5 Ways To Make Juicing Better

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


4. Use Watery Vegetables to Dilute

watery vegetables


In addition to root vegetables and leafy green vegetables, watery vegetables are excellent for diluting your juice. Fruit, root vegetables, and leafy green vegetables are all very strong in terms of flavor.

Watery vegetables will dilute those flavors and make your juicing experience more pleasant.


Good watery vegetables to use include celery and cucumber. In addition, watery vegetables are similarly rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

5. End With a Garnish


After you’ve combined all of your ingredients, remember to finish off your juice with a garnish.


Using foods that are strong in flavor such as lemon, mint, ginger, and other herbs will add both taste and antioxidants to your juice.

Along with the dilution from your watery vegetables, the garnish will greatly improve the taste of your juice.

Furthermore, this large variety in types of ingredients ensures that your juice has the maximum amount of nutrients for your body and your health.