5 Ways Swimming Helps Fight Diabetes

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

diabetes swimming

2. No Gravity

no gravity


Swimming is also a great form of exercise for those with diabetes because the lack of gravity causes less physical stress.

Diabetics often experience arthritis or other conditions that can make regular exercise uncomfortable and even painful. With swimming, you will find that exercising is comfortable and enjoyable.

Furthermore, the lack of gravity in swimming means that you are less likely to injure your feet. Preventing foot injuries is particularly relevant to diabetics who often develop foot infections due to circulation problems.


3. Burns Calories


Another helpful benefit of swimming is that it is a very effective form of exercise for weight loss.

Swimming burns calories quickly, and this is particularly important for diabetics.

Diabetes is often a major factor in becoming obese, and regular aerobic exercise is important in keeping one’s weight down.


Swimming is better for those who find other forms of exercise difficult and painful but need to lose weight.