5 Nourishing Carrot Recipes. #3 Will Make You Drool.

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healthy carrot recipes

Many parents try telling their children that the more carrots they eat – the better they will be able to see in the dark. Well, there is definitely some truth in this as a deficiency in vitamin A, which carrots are an extremely rich source of, can make it harder to see in dim light.

Vitamin A in a carrot, technically starts out in life as beta-carotene which the body then converts into the immune boosting vital nutrient, that we know as vitamin A.

Beta-carotene, and the other carotenes found within a carrot are what give the carrot its colour in the traditional orange variety. Carrots also contain the most beta-carotene out of all the vegetables available.

Whilst carrot sticks and hummus make a healthy snack, they too can become boring over time. So add a little variety into your life by trying out these delicious and very nourishing carrot recipes.

1. Carrot Muffins – Gluten & Dairy Free

gluten and dairy free carrot muffin recipe

Making muffins from scratch is one way to increase the goodness value of this deliciously popular snack. Another way to make it even healthier is to change the wheat flour to a gluten free variety, like the almond and coconut flours used in this recipe.

Even if you are not a celiac sufferer (which requires someone to abstain completely from gluten containing foods), you should still rotate your grains on a daily basis to ensure you are getting a variety of nutrients in your diet.


Including carrots in this gluten-free muffin recipe also increases the fibre content of your muffin, which will help to ensure your bowels are given a good workout!

Recipe @ rosannaskitchen

2. Carrot & Raisin Slaw

carrot and raisin slaw recipe

Whenever you feel tired of eating green salad, give this healthy homemade carrot slaw a go. The beta-carotene found in carrots, act as antioxidants and can help protect your cells from free radicals.

Recipe @ pictureperfectmeals

3. Some Shade of Paleo Carrot Cake – Grain & Sugar Free

paleo carrot cake recipe

Yes. That isn’t a spelling error; this is infact a sugar free carrot cake recipe! And as one of the ingredients used to sweeten it is fresh pineapple, you will also be giving your body a good boost of naturally occurring vitamin C and the vital enzyme ‘bromelain’ that helps to digest protein containing foods.

Bromelain has also been found to contain anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting and anti-cancer properties.

Recipe @ thehealthyfoodie

4. Coconut Oil Roasted Carrot Fries

coconut oil roasted carrot fries recipe

One of the reasons fried foods are unhealthy is because the oil they are cooked in is heated to levels so high that it changes the chemical structure of the original oil, making it extremely toxic to us on a cellular level.

This recipe uses coconut oil to deliciously roast these carrots, which is one of a very small number of safe cooking fats to use when heating your food.

So go on – impress your friends when they next come to visit, by making this extremely easy side dish recipe that not only tastes amazing and is good for you, but really helps do away with all of the other boring fried white potatoes recipes out there.

Recipe @ deliciousobsessions

5. Carrot Cake Smoothie

carrot cake smoothie

Including freshly made smoothies in your diet is a proven way to increase your health and vitality. This recipe has both the power to satisfy a sweet tooth and also do good for you.

By including carrots in your smoothie you are also helping to increase your levels of vitamin K which is a vital nutrient that has recently been proven to help us absorb vitamin D better.

Recipe @ thegreenforks

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