5 Easy Ways to Prevent Kidney Disease

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

prevent kidney disease

Kidney disease is the result of many factors including poor diet, alcohol overconsumption, and self-medication.

You need to be careful of what you put in your body. If you’re not, you are at risk for developing kidney disease alongside several other metabolic disorders.

1. Cut Down On Sodium

Most people consume more sodium than they need—much more. By some popular estimates, Americans get 50%-100% more sodium than they need every day. The recommended amount for daily intake is 2,300 mg. That is about one tablespoon.


Recent research published in the academic journal Hypertension investigated the impact of dietary salt intake on kidney function.

The study confirmed that salt creates a “negative feedback loop” that damages kidneys[1]. One way to fix this is to simply use spices instead of salt.

2. Lower Your Alcohol Intake

High levels of salt consumption coupled with excessive alcohol intake creates a deadly combination for your kidneys.

Most people understand that severe alcohol abuse leads to renal problems, but they might not understand the impact that even moderate to high alcohol consumption has.

One study, published by researchers at the University of Wurzburg, determined that alcohol overconsumption causes people to retain excessive amounts of water and salt[2].

Combine alcohol with a high salt diet and you could be in trouble.