4 Surprising Ways Reading Is Good For You

by DailyHealthPost

reading is good for you

Who doesn’t love to snuggle up with coffee or hot cocoa with a good book?

If you are one of the few who still enjoy curling up with a good book, you are taking advantage of one of the most powerful health-promoting habits you can have.  It turns out that reading books is about more than just having fun, enjoying a story, or learning something new. Recent scientific analysis of reading have determined that enjoying a good book can help you live longer and healthier!

1. Reading a book reduces stress, and puts you in a better mood.


Reading is one of the best ways to reduce stress and relax.

The Journal of Psychosomatic Research published a study in 1992 that studied common methods of stress relief and their effectiveness[1].

Alongside exercise and Tai Chi, reading proved to be an effective stress reducer.

This idea was further confirmed in a 2009 study by Dr. David Lewis at the University of Sussex, who determined that reading was more effective at reducing stress than listening to music, playing video games or going for a walk. Dr. Lewis’s research is discussed in an article published in the Telegraph.


2. Having trouble remembering where you put those keys? Reading enhances your memory.


Scientists reporting their findings in the academic journal Neurology determined that frequent readers are less likely to experience cognitive impairment in old age[2].

The study of almost 300 people determined that those who exercised their brains frequently with cognitive tasks like reading had an over 30% lower rate of memory loss compared to those who did not perform frequent mental activity.

People who did not frequently exercise their cognitive abilities were almost 50% more likely to have brain-related problems in old age.

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