7 Surprising Benefits You Get From Listening to More Music

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

health benefits of music

Music is a universal language that doesn’t need to be translated to be understood by people from around the world.


It makes us dance and can even make us experience an array of emotions.

But the beneficial features of music are not limited only to the level of having fun.


Here are seven benefits you get from listening to music – some of which you’ve probably already experienced.

1. Music Helps Reduce Stress

If you listen to music on your way to work or play guitar (or any other instrument) every afternoon, then you are in a better psychological condition than those who don’t.

According to a doctorate from the University of Gothenburg, listening to music that you enjoy on a daily basis can significantly lower your levels of stress. [study]

2. Music Protects Your Hearing

As reported in a Washington Post, a study conducted in 2001 showed that people who were musicians throughout their lives had a better hearing.


Just like how muscle mass and strength can be maintained and kept through stimuli the same can be said about musicians constantly using their hearing.

In other words, listening to loud music wearing headphones won’t do you any good. [study]

3. Music Improves Heart Health

As strange as it may sound, researchers at the University Maryland Medical Center discovered a link between a healthy heart and listening to music.

In the study, participants that were asked to listen to joyful music experienced a 26 percent increase in the diameter of their blood vessels, improving blood flow.


And when they listened to intense and stressful music, the diameter actually decreased by 6 percent! [study]

4. Music Reduces Pain

Researchers at the University of Utah Pain Research Center discovered that listening to music helped participants reduce pain responses.

By working as a “distraction”, music  helped participants forget about their physical pain. [study]

5. Music Enhances Memory Power

According to researchers from Hong Kong, music classes may prove to be more beneficial to your children’s brain than you think.

In the study, participants who took music lessons performed better on memory tests than those who didn’t. [study]

6. Music Protects The Brain From Aging

According to a survey conducted in 2001, staying mentally sharp as you age can easily be done through musical exercises.


Researchers from the University of Kansas Medical Center discovered that people who were deeply involved with music during their lives had greater mental acuity and showed higher scores on brain function tests. [study]

7. Music Just as Good as Massages

In a study published in the journal of Depression and Anxiety, music therapy offered similar if not the same relaxing benefits as therapeutic massages.

Researchers from the Group Health Research Institute discovered that participants who underwent 10 sessions of therapeutic massages over the span of 12 weeks had the same levels of stress as those who listened to music. [study]