The 4 Biggest Mistakes In Dietary Advice That Even Doctors Now Admit Must Be Corrected

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

dietary advice

dietary mistakesMany of the things you have been told regarding nutrition are false. In modern medicine’s efforts to change the way we live, its doctrine has become antithetical to Hippocrates’ dictate: “let food be thy medicine”. Assuming, of course, that his Oath that physicians in the U.S. take before practicing their craft is still one of their objectives: “first, do no harm”.

The movement away from the natural to the human-made in virtually every respect has rejected the idea that we come into this existence with everything we need provided by the earth on which we live and the spirit with which we are imbued. Because of this, myths have been promulgated that have proven not only incorrect but sometimes harmful.

Let Us Never Forget that Medicine is as Much an Art as a Science

If it feels wrong, don’t do it.


Doctors are not always right. They are human and can’t possibly know everything, although at times it seems that’s what we expect.

Keep in mind that formal training in nutrition is virtually nil in medical schools and doctors don’t have the time to do their own research–they are responsible for keeping up with what’s going in in the medical field which, it is tragic to say, does not always include nutrition.

The  mindset of the profession is based on the premise that pharmaceuticals and surgery are the best methods to treat the human condition.

Dieticians are marginally better, however, their integrity has been compromised by some of the same influences as physicians.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is sponsored by the very companies that are producing the poisons labelled as food: Coca-Cola, Kellogg Company, General Mills, PepsiCo, Unilever, and Abbott Laboratories, among others.

The National Dairy Council is also a sponsor; a powerful force, it allows and promotes feeding genetically-modified corn to cows, shooting them up with antibiotics and hormones, and then foisting their products on consumers as natural food (not to mention disregarding the health of the cows).


Here are four nutrition myths that must be immediately dispelled. If it makes you feel better, even doctors are now coming to understand and agree that the conventional wisdom surrounding these needs an overhaul.