Food Companies Spend Millions of Dollars to Hide Their GMO Ingredients

by Amy Morris

What do PepsiCo, Campbell’s Soup, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Hershey, Nestlé USA all have in common?

They have all contributed to a campaign in America to try to defeat the labeling initiative trying to be passed in California during 2012, aimed specifically at getting a product that contains Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) to be labeled as such.

‘I-522’ which stands for ‘Initiative 522’, is the name of the labeling initiative that was trying to be passed in California last year, and is now being put to voters in Washington state. Voters voted on November 5th 2013 and the results are to be announced anytime now.

The reason the food companies who paid millions of dollars to campaign against the I-522 were disclosed in the first place came about because the group ‘Moms for Labeling’ were one of the first of many to accuse the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) of breaching Washington states campaign finance disclosure laws.

Moms for Labeling said the GMA was protecting the companies from consumers who wanted to fight back against what they were doing, which they believed to be laundering donations from the companies the GMA represents. This case when taken to court was later dismissed by the judge on a technicality.

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But on October 17th 2013, GMA decided to voluntarily disclose all of the companies who had contributed and campaigned against I-522 to provide the voters in Washington with the “full transparency” they deserved.

According to The Epoch Times the GMA is reported to have commented on the matter:

GMA is taking this action to allow the campaign to focus on the important issues related to the I-522 ballot proposal itself, and to put an end to unnecessary distraction and speculation about sources and amounts of funding.”

As a nutritionist I crave clear food labeling for all because it is the first step to helping consumers truly be able to make a clear and informed decision about what they are putting into their bodies.

It shouldn’t be too much to ask that the food companies who prepare the food we buy, actually care about our health – or is it? If it is that is a world gone mad in my eyes.

Just think of the fantastic and beneficial labeling that could have been created with those wasted dollars spent in a campaign to hide the GMO ingredients. The fact companies want to go out of their way to hide the GMO ingredients can only suggest that GMO ingredients really can’t be that safe after all – else why would they do this?

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